Kingfishers:1 / Monitor Lizard:0

Kingfishers:1 / Monitor Lizard:0

This morning as we drove along the bank of the Luangwa we spotted two Brown-hooded Kingfishers sitting on a branch. As we sat photographing them a Water Monitor approached foraging in the grass nearby. Bird’s eggs are a favourite food of these lizards and as he got closer the Kingfishers got more and more agitated. Clearly they had a nest in the bank nearby. Finally they decided that he had come close enough and started mobbing him. One kingfisher then started hitting the monitor hard on the side. Every time he hit him there was a loud hollow thud! The Lizard was soon scurrying away as fast as he could with the Kingfisher in hot pursuit!

Although the Kingfisher made numerous attacks on the Monitor Lizard he was lightning fast and I unfortunately failed to get a shot at the actual moment of impact. I did get one shot with the monitor in the frame and a blurred and out of focus kingfisher tail in the corner. Typical!



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