Aerial images

Aerial images

Despite the bad weather John and I had a wonderful week getting up into the air in his microlight whenever we could. A few shots..

Elephant family

Buffalo mud bath

Flying with Bateleur eagles is always exhilarating – they are extremely fast and almost impossible to photograph so I’m quite pleased with the image below.

Bateleur eagle

Apart from the photography we have been tracking lions using the radio collars fitted by the Luangwa Valley Carnivore Monitoring Program. We found a group of four males and a female feeding on a buffalo in the Nsefu sector. It seems the collared lions in the Lion Camp area have moved inland away from the river to avoid the flooding as there was no sign of them. We have also done a few flights further north looking for poachers – John quite often finds poacher’s camps and meat-drying racks in the rains but thankfully there is no sign of them this year.

Male Lion following a game trail

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