Blowing off steam..

Blowing off steam..

I apologise for abandoning the blog for so long – it has been a busy month! This image was taken in the Kafue national park last week on a fantastic trip there with Zambian Dawn safaris. We were having sundowners on the Lufupa river when a pod of hippos approached to see what we were up to. This particular individual would go underwater and then resurface in a different place every few minutes. Each time she surfaced she would blow a plume of water out of her nostrils and high into the air. The tricky thing was trying to predict where she would surface next as the plume only lasts for a split second. I am very pleased with this image as I have spent countless hours with hippos in the Luangwa trying to capture this behaviour and have never been very successful..

Surfacing hippo

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  1. Awesome photo and love the light! Did you think the hippos are bigger in Kafue?

  2. Thanks Sharon. The light was fading fast as the sun was right on the horizon. I was very lucky with this shot as she was moving all over the place. Not sure if the hippos are much bigger in the Kafue although the elephants definitely are.