Chipembele trust

Chipembele trust

I spent a wonderful morning yesterday visiting the Chipembele wildlife education trust in Mfuwe. The centre was established by Steve and Anna Tolan ten years ago and is still run by them. Although it is primarily an education centre for teaching local children about wildlife and conservation they are also involved in a number of other projects. These include anti-poaching operations, forestry protection and archaeological excavations.

It is such an inspiring place to visit as everything has been planned and carried out with such obvious passion and commitment. This is one of the classrooms which holds a vast amount of learning material all set out with meticulous attention to detail.

Chipembele also serves as an orphanage for animals. They do not raise them to keep as pets but try to rehabilitate them back into the wild. They have been very successful with a wide variety of species from warthogs to monkeys. This is Steve sitting on the front step of the centre with their latest addition – a buffalo calf called Elton.

The other orphan currently in residence is this gorgeous (but quite vicious) young serval called Chiko. We don’t often see serval in this area so it was wonderful to see one so close up.

If you are in the Valley and have a chance to visit Chipembele then I highly recommend that you do. You can also check out their website at

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