Death in the long grass

Death in the long grass

As a boy I avidly read the exciting and often hair-raising books written by a professional hunter named Peter Hathaway Capstick. The most memorable of these bore the title ‘Death in the long grass” and pretty much described every possible way to die a gruesome death in the bush. These books helped to instill in me a healthy respect for dangerous African wildlife especially all things lion.

This is probably part of the reason I get such a thrill from meeting lions on foot and coming across this lioness asleep in thick bush was no different. She became aware of my presence at the moment that I saw her and stood up quickly, growling deep in her belly and swishing her tail from side to side in an aggravated manner. I took a couple frames and then backed away slowly. I think the resulting image has an intensity about it that wouldn’t be present had I taken it from a vehicle. You can view a larger version of this image on my website by clicking here.


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