Hippo show to premiere on Jan 20th

Hippo show to premiere on Jan 20th

National Geographic TV were here in August last year to shoot a documentary with Dr Brady Barr. They brought with them a 200lb Kevlar hippo ‘suit’! The purpose of this suit was to hopefully enable Dr Barr to get close enough to a hippo to obtain a sample of sweat (not actually sweat but a reddish secretion which preliminary research has suggested contains antiseptic as well as sunscreening and blocking properties.) Dr Barr’s programme hoped to conduct further research on this substance as well as to provide some entertaining TV.

I was contracted to shoot the stills for the show and it was a good laugh with plenty of action. For anyone who is interested the show will premiere in the USA on the National Geographic Channel on the 20th of January.


Photo copyright National Geographic TV.

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