Home again..

Home again..

I’m back in the Valley – at last! The whole landscape has changed completely and everywhere you look it is startlingly green. We haven’t had much rain and the river is very low so it is a little tricky using the boat with all the crocs and hippos about. Driving and sometimes even walking are not really options at this time of year as the black cotton soil turns into the most sticky mud you can imagine – you end up staggering around with huge clumps of it stuck to each foot!

There is still a lot of wildlife around though with some big herds of buffalo and elephant as well as a variety of new birds that only visit us in the rains. I’m looking forward to the river coming up so that I can get out and do some photography. I’ll definitely be posting here more often from now on.

It’s also a great time of year for photographing insects…


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