Hyaena census

Hyaena census

Last night I had the privilege of joining the AWDC (African Wild Dog Conservation) team who were in the area doing a census of hyaenas. They had a PA system with them and played a recording of various animal calls including lions roaring, hyaenas whooping and a buffalo bellowing in its death throes. It was very interesting to observe the hyaenas as they came running in thinking that a kill had been made and then joining in with the whooping! We even had 3 wild dog have a look in at one point which was great.

Unfortunately because of their appearance and reputation for being devious hyaenas are often vilified by visitors to the park. This is actually undeserved and they are fascinating and entertaining animals. Personally I think that their numbers have reduced over the years so it will be interesting to see the outcome from this census.

The photo was taken a few days ago of two hyaenas I found polishing off the remains of a buffalo on Lion plain.

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