It’s all about Lions at the moment

It’s all about Lions at the moment

There has been loads of Lion activity in the area over the last few weeks with some very interesting sightings and several exciting kills. I watched two lions yesterday morning chasing 5 giraffe around. The giraffe would keep their distance but as soon as the lions lay down they would approach quite close to have a better look and then run off again when the lions stood up! It went on for at least an hour! I will post a couple of shots once I have processed the images.

The lone female with the 3 young cubs (now about 2 and a bit months old) is still nearby but no longer in Lion Camp. We saw her every morning for the last week but she seems to have moved again today. They are growing up really quickly and are getting very playful – much to their mother’s irritation as they are constantly jumping on her and biting her tail! Here are some of my favourite shots from the last few days. The other 6 cubs and their mothers are still alive and well (one cub disappeared for about a week and then reappeared with a very bad limp but it is getting better each day) and we see them most days.

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