Leopard and kill

Leopard and kill

This morning I came across a dead Impala lying out in the open on the edge of a dried up lagoon. It seemed likely that a leopard had killed it but the leopard was nowhere to be seen. I decided to wait and see what happened. After 15 minutes or so I saw the leopard approaching from the other side of the lagoon. She was walking slowly with her tail held high like a white flag, a clear indication that she wasn’t hunting.

As she approached the kill she started to look very nervous. There was a troop of baboons foraging nearby but they completely ignored her which I found strange. However as soon as she grabbed the impala by the neck and started dragging it into the bush they descended on her en masse, barking and yelping. Her nerve soon broke and she ran off into some nearby thickets with the whole troop in hot pursuit!

I waited around a while longer to see if she would return but the baboons kept her away. The vultures soon descended on the impala and ate it up at an incredible rate! Unfortunately the whole event was very difficult to photograph as there was a lot of long grass all around. Probably more of a job for a video camera……




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