Leopard Kill

Leopard Kill

This morning we came across a Hyaena feeding on an Impala carcass near the road. It was obvious from the size of his belly that he had been there a while! We watched him for a few minutes before he tore off a final chunk and skulked off.

No sooner was he out of sight than a small female leopard came slinking out of the bushes to retrieve her kill. She was very nervous and quickly picked the Impala up and dragged it away. It was a big Impala though and she really struggled to move it, having to stop regularly for a rest. This gave me some good opportunities to photograph her but she was fairly far away.

I put a 2x teleconverter on my 200 – 400 f4, something I hate to do (although it’s nice to have the option) as it makes the lens extremely slow and obviously increases depth of field (meaning the subject doesn’t ‘pop’ from the background). Still, I got some acceptable images although at higher magnifications it is clear that they are not pin-sharp.


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