Leopard kills baboon in broad daylight

Leopard kills baboon in broad daylight

I had an incredible leopard sighting on a game drive yesterday morning. We were driving along quietly when suddenly all hell broke loose in a Tamarind tree near the road. There was a huge troop of baboons surrounding the tree and they were going wild.

As we approached the tree we saw a small female leopard descend with a large baboon clamped in it’s mouth! The rest of the troop surrounded it and were screaming and barking furiously. The racket was incredible. The leopard paid no attention to them though and took its time dragging the dead baboon toward some nearby combretum thickets. Eventually it reached the thickets and disappeared from view. As soon as the baboons had lost sight of it they went very quiet and began their normal behaviour of feeding and grooming again…

The leopard had obviously been hiding in the Tamarind tree and when the baboons came to feed on the fruit she had taken the opportunity to grab one of them. I doubt that it was an intentional ambush but this is possible. It was a very brave thing to do though as the leopard could easily have been overwhelmed and injured or possibly even killed by the baboons. Generally leopards fear baboons and usually kill them at night so that they can easily get away from the rest of the troop. She must have been very hungry.

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