Lion action!

Lion action!

It was quite a surprise to wake up around midnight last night to the sound of a pride of lions killing a buffalo right outside our house. The buffalo was madly crashing around in the bush and bellowing at the top of its lungs. The racket was unbelievable. Although the lions for the most part were silent I could hear one panting loudly as it caught its breath outside our bedroom window. A couple of hyaenas turned up as well and added their excited whooping to the cacophony!

After a good twenty minutes the buffalo seemed to manage to break away from them and the pandemonium moved down the road and eventually out of earshot. As soon as it was light I went out to have a look but there was no kill in the area so maybe the buffalo got lucky this time..


This photo is of a lioness I came across a couple days ago. Although it looks like she is snarling she is actually just finishing off a big yawn.

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