I find this photo quite captivating although apparently yellow eyes are a sign of vicious character in lions. She certainly seems to be looking right through you..

Well the lions are back in force again – both the Mwambas and the Hollywoods. The lioness in this image is from the Mwamba pride. We were starting to get a little concerned about the whereabouts of the Hollywood pride and thought that they had possibly crossed over the Luangwa river into the Nsefu sector. They turned up in camp a few days ago though and have been nearby ever since. There are currently 6 adult females, 1 adult male and 6 cubs. The cubs consist of the four from last years five – now over a year old and quite big and another two which appear to be about 8 months old.

I watched the whole pride this morning feeding on a very dead and distended hippo. I won’t post any pictures as it was fairly disgusting. It was hilarious to watch though as every now and then the rotting hippo would emit a blast of gas and the lions would run for cover! They would then approach very tentatively, snarling at the hippo, only to be sent running again by the next blast! Eventually they got used to it and just ignored it and carried on feeding.

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