“Not only is Patrick an award winning photographer, he is also an experienced and intuitive guide. On our first drive out from Lion Camp, Patrick spotted spots. A leopard! Patrick was not only able to find her in the brush but follow her as she hunted guinea fowl in and around the trees, scrub and tall grass. Patrick maneuvered us into the best position for photos and guided me to take the best shots I have ever taken. What a fantastic experience and on the first day! Every day afterward we had great sightings of elephant, kudu, bush buck, hippos, and a pride of lions (aptly called the “Hollywood Lions”) with three adorable and active cubs. For most of the time we were the only vehicle at a sighting, and it was easy for Patrick to adjust our position for the best photos.

With Patrick’s patient and skilled instruction I was able to improve my photography 100 percent. Patrick can instruct photographers of all levels from beginners to the most experienced. I highly recommend a photographic safari with Patrick and I will be joining him again this year.”

If you are interested in joining me on one of my safaris in the Luangwa in 2011 please click here.

Here are just a few of the images that Sharon took on her safari last year:

Yawning leopard

Elephants from the air

Lion cub drinking

Zebra foal

Territorial display


“After carrying out wildlife photo safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia and Botswana I wanted to know South Luangwa in Zambia and thanks to Patrick has been the best safari. He is an excellent and very experienced guide who knows the place very well. He is able to interpret the sounds of the forest to find the animals.

Thanks to Patrick I improved a lot in my photographs. We were alone with the animals and Patrick always placed us in the best position. Lion Camp is a magical place with plenty of animals. Night drives were a very good experience with many sightings of leopards. It is also a paradise for birds. I realize a dream, taking photos from an aircraft, following the animals from the air, this adds to the safari a plus of emotion.

The lodge is super and very intimate. Every night we look at the pictures and talk about photography and wildlife.

I highly recommend a photographic safari with Patrick and I will be joining him again on my next safari in 2011.”

Here are just a few of the images that Xavier took on his safari last year:

Lilac breasted roller


Leopard at night

Elephants from the air

Running Puku


“Photographic safaris are an increasingly popular form of holiday with almost limitless choices on offer. But many may disappoint because the group size is too large, the location too crowded, or the guide is less than familiar with the area. None of these concerns apply to Patrick’s safaris. This was our fourth visit to South Luangwa National Park, so we knew the game viewing was good and the park was less busy towards the north. We hoped that with a local guide, who is an award-winning photographer, we could improve on our previous images.

We were based at Lion Camp in the heart of an excellent wildlife area and home to the Hollywood Pride, whose exploits we followed at very close quarters throughout the week. We made best use of early morning and late afternoon light and on one night drive witnessed the pride kill three times in as many minutes. Patrick always positioned the vehicle for maximum effect and when the action was good, we spent as much time as we wanted with the animals. Patrick not only freely shares his enthusiasm for the local wildlife and his photographic knowhow, but he is also great company. Lion Camp is a perfect base, very comfortable with delicious food and plenty of wildlife action, even during the hottest part of the day. But with roaring lions, laughing hyaenas and hippos chomping around your chalet, don’t expect a peaceful night’s sleep!”

Curious lioness - Image © Maggie Manson

Lion cubs play fighting - Image © Peter Farmer

Giraffe and oxpecker - Image © Maggie Manson

Male lion - Image © Peter Farmer

Yellow-billed stork - Image © Maggie Manson

Spots! - Image © Peter Farmer


“Wonderful moments and wonderful people in the South Luangwa NP; experiences of connectivity and emotions in nature! Being part of a nice group of photographers and getting inspired by the free flow of photographic creativity of Patrick is for sure a very memorable event. A great experience which I wish for many more people in the future.

Thanks Patrick for this fantastic week. Special thanks to the leopards for their appearance 10 times in 7 days. Hope I can come back very soon.”

Mother and Child

Little Bee-eater

Lion cub mewling

Vulture silhouette