Powered paragliding

Powered paragliding

Over the last few years I have spent many hours taking images from the air, mostly in a microlight over the South Luangwa national park. During this time I have developed a serious passion for aerial photography and I have been looking for a simple form of flight with some very specific requirements. The aircraft needed to be compact and easy to transport, have the ability to take off in confined spaces and piloting the machine myself, I wanted to be able to take photographs before landing again without requiring a runway. I have found exactly the craft for this in a powered paraglider.

This machine consists of a paraglider wing and a motor/propeller on your back which provides the thrust for flight. Once airborne there is nothing to obstruct your view and it is an ideal platform for taking aerial images. It takes some time to master the skill of flying and taking images – this is the point that I am at now. I will be flying as often as possible over the coming months and will post the results here and on my Facebook page. The image in this post was taken by Tom Harvey on a recent trip to Shiwa Ng’andu in Northern Zambia. Check out my Facebook page for more images from this trip.

Coming in to land at Shiwa Ng'andu as a storm builds up behind me.

Photo © Tom Harvey

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