Starry night

Starry night

It was new moon yesterday which is a great time to photograph star trails as the night sky is dark and the stars are bright. Both of the following images were taken facing south which results in the swirl of stars circling the celestial pole. The glow in the bottom right hand corner of the leadwood photograph is from a bush fire way inland and almost invisible to the naked eye. The second shot is of a very old and fat baobab tree.



I think I have posted enough pictures of trees on the blog for a while so will get back to posting more wildlife stuff in the next couple days. Actually the game viewing has been getting better and better. A few nights ago we witnessed some lions feeding on a zebra next to a lagoon – the crocodiles came out of the water and managed to steal some of the kill from the lions! Unfortunately it was in fairly long grass so I didn’t get any decent images.

One last tree shot – this is the same leadwood tree with the milky way stretched out in the sky behind it. Check out the shooting star to the bottom right of the tree. You can purchase a print of this image from my website by clicking here


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