The Hollywoods return!

The Hollywoods return!

Two nights ago the camp was full of lions but by daybreak yesterday morning they had moved into some combretum thickets near the workshop. They were very relaxed and I was able to approach quite close on foot. Unfortunately they were extremely well hidden and impossible to photograph. Last night they were out and about again and we had a few fleeting glimpses by torchlight as they moved around the camp. I counted 4 adults (1 male, 3 females) and 7 cubs. They were around at first light this morning for a short time before disappearing into even thicker vegetation.

I was very keen to find out which of the cubs has survived the rains (as I’m sure those of you who have been here and know these lions are too). I didn’t see them all at once though so difficult to tell. I think there are 4 left of the group of 5 that I last saw in December. Out of the 2 smaller cubs only 1. There was then another 2 cubs that looked about 3 months old – so new ones to me, born during the rains. Hopefully I’ll have a good sighting soon so that I can confirm this. It is really encouraging to see so many though as this pride does not have a good track record for raising cubs.

Those of you who are wondering why they are called the Hollywoods – this was a nickname given to the Lion Camp pride due to all the attention they received from a documentary film crew who were here a couple years ago. They’re also rather glamorous!

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