The Valley in Infrared

The Valley in Infrared

These photographs are my first attempt with a camera that has been specially converted to take images in Infrared. All digital cameras have a filter in front of the imaging sensor which blocks infrared light and allows only visible light through. With this conversion the filter is removed and replaced by another that blocks most of the visible light and allows only infrared light to pass through. There are some difficulties that come with this conversion such as auto-focusing issues but in general the camera handles as normal. The images produced however are quite different with green vegetation appearing white and blue skies becoming very dark. It is an interesting effect and one that I’m still getting used to…

Leadwood forest

Grazing Zebra

Dead leadwood

Fish eagle

Chindeni hills at sunset

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  1. Beautiful images.

  2. Amazing photos, the infrared added an amazing touch. Looking forward to more photos.

  3. Hello Nin,
    Wow what an effect!! I must say I do like the strong contrast that the IR filter brings out. I especially find the pics; ‘Dead Leadwood’, ‘Grazing Zebra’ & ‘Chindeni Hills’ dramatic. In the latter pic one could almost suspect the shaft of light (lower RHS) to be one side of a rainbow – is this so? I find ‘Leadwood Forest’ a bit spooky, but still good. They are reminiscent of B&W photos, but still different.
    Well done!

    Hope your 2013 started off very well & that it will continue in the same fashion. You must have moved into your new house by now?

    Cheers w love & smiles,