They aren’t that ugly…

They aren’t that ugly…

Yesterday the Lion camp pride killed a buffalo right outside the camp. The buffalo was making a terrible bellowing noise and we quickly jumped into the car to go and have a look. When we arrived the action was already pretty much over. A lioness was holding it by the neck and the other lions were already tearing away at it. It was the middle of the day so the light was very hard – not much good for photography. When I went back in the evening the lions had dragged the buffalo into some combretum thickets and I had to make do with the Maribou storks that were hanging around in their vague way. These interesting birds are certainly not known for their good looks but in the right light – they’re not too bad..


The lions seem to have decided that Lion camp is the place to be for the rains. We have actually had the five cubs (now about 7 months old) sleeping under the main deck during the day! It is a little disconcerting walking around and having them snarling up at you through the gaps in the floorboards. The adults seem to keep their distance most of the time – except a couple of days ago when we woke up to find the whole pride lying on the grass outside our front door!

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