Unidentified moth

Unidentified moth

The Luangwa river has unfortunately dropped right down again in the last week. We are still able to get around by boat but it is a little hair-raising as the river is stiff with hippos (when the water gets deeper they will move off into the tributaries). As a consequence I still haven’t been able to do much photography from the boat and have to stick to anything I can find in and around camp.

I have been using my macro lens quite a lot as there are plenty of interesting insects around at this time of year. This is just one of the beautiful moths that I haven’t seen before. It has some very distinct markings but I am unable to identify it from any of my books. So if anyone knows what it is please let me know.

Update 26/01/09 : The moth is a member of the Sphingidae family and is an Arrow sphinx hawk moth (Lophostethus dumolinii) – thank you very much to Jasper from the Netherlands for identifying it for me.


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